About Me

Skincare can be a challenging feat. Did you know, there are approximately 25,000 skincare products in the world today? It can be so confusing and overwhelming to find a product that truly benefits your skin but I strongly believe that attaining and maintaining healthy skin should not be that difficult for the average woman.

For many years, I have struggled with extremely dry skin in addition to common issues such as acne, and dull and textured skin. It seemed that many products in the market could not deliver its promises. Despite the many products that I have tried from high-end to low-end, I can finally conclude that investing in skincare should not break your bank nor should you compromise on quality.

Beauty And Mist came about as I believe that the key to radiant skin is hydration, hydration, hydration. Dry skin can be a host to many different skin conditions. Therefore, once your skin has ample moisture, beauty comes naturally.

I chose to start this business in hopes that I will be able to create a platform that works together to simplify skincare. At the same time, I am dedicated to help you improve your skin condition by providing you with handpicked products that I have tested out and have utmost confidence in.